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Shop Yippr Pet Supplies So Your Doggy Can Be Fabulous

You get dogs and then you get companions.  It is absolutely fabulous to be the owner of a fabulous dog with a fun spirit, a lovable personality and a great sense of humor.  Dogs love us like no human never will.  They are there to cheer us up when we are sad, they love to run and play with us, they are always happy to see us and they often have more character than lots of people.  It is no wonder that some people love their dogs more than they love certain family members.  If you want to spoil your companion a bit and show of his fabulous personality then it is time to give some of the Yippr pet supplies a try.  Yippr is an online company that provides high quality, modern and functional pet supplies at affordable rates.  All of their gear are fun, gorgeous and will make it a lot easier for you to care better for your dog. Here are the top pet supplies to get your beloved pet right now.

Shop Yippr Pet Supplies So Your Doggy Can Be Fabulous

LED dog collar

If you find yourself always tripping over your doggy at night then an LED dog collar will save the both of you from a lot of injury.  These light up collars are also perfect for taking your pet along with you on travels or for evening walks because the LED light strip can be seen from 1500 feet and offers 7 hours of light.  You can also adjust the lighting settings between off, solid, slow flash and quick flash and ensure that everyone sees your beloved doggy so you can keep him safe.  The LED collars come in various sizes and colors and you should definitely shop the best one so your doggy can be fabulous whenever you leave the house.

LED dog leash

The Yippr LED dog leashes are just as fabulous and also offer up to seven hours of lighting.  These 6 foot long LED leashes also has four LED settings and offer up to seven hours of light.  You can charge the leash by USB cable and the leashes can withstand weather elements like wind, mild rain, snow and more.  With an LED doggy collar and leash, your beloved dog will be extra safe on walks and extra fabulous with all of that bling.

Collapsible dog travel bowls

Traveling with your pet becomes super easy if you have a collapsible dog bowl.  These bowls holds up to 12 ounces of water or dog food and can collapse into a small disk that can fit into any handbag or vehicle comfortably.  They are also made of FDA approved silicone which ensures long term usage.

Car seat protector

Car seat protectors by Yippr will keep your car fabulously clean when you take your pet along for a ride or transport him to another location.

Handmade leather collar

If a flashy LED collar is not your style then the high quality premium leather dog collars is a must.  These hand crafted pet collars are gorgeous and just what you need to style up your doggy.

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