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What to wear when you are at work

We have to spend a lot of time in the place where we work. It is very important what we reflects who we want to be. Although workplaces have become more casual these days, there are some organizations with specific dress codes for their employees. Think of attorneys and paralegals at a law firm. Proper clothing attire is critical at these workplaces. In fact, I heard it is part of the paralegal certification program to practice what to wear and what not to wear to work.

Office dress codes can be very confusing at times, but there is no one who wants to look really odd. Besides the necessary look that fits the office atmosphere, it is equally important to wear outfits that feel comfortable. With the uncomfortable clothes, your productivity at the workplace could be affected.

As said earlier, dress codes could at times be very confusing. Employees of organizations with specifically mentioned dresses are free from any worry, but the offices having somewhat casual points of view about the outfits of the workers are the real problematic ones. Many of us are unable to make out what is exactly meant by “business casual”!

There are certain things to keep in mind when you select the clothes for wearing at the workplace. It is obvious that the comfort factor has to given the maximum importance, but the look is also important. What to wear is important and for that you need to know what not to wear as well.
Firstly, the outfit must not be a very tight fitting or too loose. People feel comfortable in body hugging outfits, but they are not ideal for office wear. It is not desirable that your co-worker becomes very conscious about your body. Similarly, an extremely oversized dress will make you look clumsy at the workplace. The dress with the right fit is necessary as it helps to maintain the aesthetic of the atmosphere.

Color of the outfit is equally important. The color of the dress must not be too loud. It actually breaks the concentration of the other people at work. Soothing and natural colors are the best options to choose from. Ladies can go for dark shades, keeping in mind that they are not very loud.
A shoe is an accessory that can be considered to be an integral part of the outfit. The right shoes can make you look great and a wrong one can ruin your look. They need to be comfortable as you are always on your feet while working. This does not mean that you can go for flip flops! It is not necessary that you have expensive boots or high heeled shoes to wear at the work place. Simple flat ballet or flat sandal can be the best options to wear while at work. For men the choice is easier. Formal boots goes great with both business formals as well as business casual types of clothes.
Other accessories like jewellery for ladies and belts for men are essential but here also the loudness factor must be taken care of.


Great fashions for summer

As the mercury gets high in summer we all get in real trouble. We need something to protect our body from the scorching heat. Whatever you wear in summer must give you a comfortable feeling. Majority of the people are very much conscious about fashion and thus wearing whatever that one can grab is no more popular. One has to be very careful in building the summer wardrobe, with comfort factor to be the most important thing to consider.


When you plan for the summer fashion, you need to know more about the fabric choices. Picking a right textile is the secret of looking as well as feeling chic in the warm and humid weather. Cotton is the ideal fabric to wear in summer. It is naturally breathable and cheap as well. Though good quality 100% cotton are a bit expensive than other available fabrics. Cotton is very suitable for the people with skin allergies as the fabric that react very less with the sensitive skin. Linen is another summer friendly fabric that provides great comfort. It is one of the best natural fabrics that help to keep us cool. Natural wrinkles of the fabric add to the fashion and make it easy to maintain.

Blended fibers are available these days that are very efficient in providing us with all the goodness of different fabrics. These blended fabrics have the moisture absorbing quality of cotton, cooling effect of linen etc.

Right after you have finished choosing the perfect fabric, it is time to think about the cuts and patterns of the outfits. Cotton tees and tanks are very much favourable for summer as these clothes are excellently breathable. You can go for light and airy dresses made of 100% cotton to provide the necessary comfort. Cotton jeans are the most suitable for summer as they are really light and breathable.

You must consider the cuts of outfits according to the climate of the place where you are residing. Dry summer requires you to wear the outfit that you will find difficult to wear in places having humid summer. The general idea is to wear short and precise clothes during summer. This very idea is good for the places having hot summer, but will be a disaster in your fashion statement if you reside in a place having extremely dry summer. Places with dry summer must be dealt with elaborate outfits made of breathable fabrics. You need to cover your body as much as possible to prevent the body moisture from being lost. On the other hand a humid summer will allow you to wear short outfits made of fabrics that can absorb lots of moisture. The basic thing to keep in mind is to choose such outfits that will protect you from the glazing sun.

How to accessorize for Guys

Accessories are the most important part of fashion. Without them your most expensive garments may flop. It is somewhat like having a thanksgiving feast without a turkey or watching a movie at the theatre without popcorns! The general idea is that ladies need more accessories as compared to guys. This is not true! The actual thing is that most of the men do not care for the right accessories for themselves; else there is a long list of accessories for men. Most of the men consider shoes to be the single accessory to be taken care of. Few care for having the right belt with a good trouser and wrist watches. But only the fashion conscious men care for the accessories like a hat, eye wear, neck wear etc.


The very first thing is obviously shoes. Shoes are the standard part of our outfit and many men do not consider them to be an accessory. It is actually an accessory and adds to the look of a person. The right shoes can make a guy’s clothes look great and wrong ones can ruin the whole look. Think about a guy wearing tennis shoes with formal outfit, it is horrible indeed!

The belt is waist wear that needs to be chosen with care. It is a wrong notion that black belt suits every outfit. It actually doesn’t. The belt needs to be congruent with the basic colour scheme of the outfit, especially when the shirt is tucked into the pants. When a guy wears upper and lower outfit of solid colour, the best option is to match the belt with the shoe. This will help to break through the monotony of the solid colours of the outfit and will also turn out to be the focal point. Belts with convertible buckles are really great as you can interchange between various looks.

Wrist watch
This adds life to the outfit and is a great way to express your fashion sense. Watches with solid black, golden or silver dials along with similar coloured or black or brown bands are out of the fashion these days. Wrist watches are available in all possible colours and they are very much suitable for formal outfits as well. Classic look is always appreciated, but the new one is also in.

Neck wear
This is another important accessory that enhances the outfit. The necktie is the classic neck wear that has made way to bowtie and ascot. The workplaces have become more casual these days and the new relaxed atmosphere has resulted in making the classic neck wears less mandatory.

A hat is like the cherry-topping of the ice cream. The ice cream will taste great without the cherry, but with the cherry it becomes greater. The right hat will not only add to the outfit but count for your personality as well.

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Fall fashion staples

The season of autumn is popularly known as “fall” in the United States and Canada. It is the season that makes the way from summer into winter. The season is marked with noticeable early arrival of nights and the temperature goes down considerably. The summer heat makes way for the chilling winter winds; we feel the need for the comfort of sweaters. Our feet demand for the warmth of close-toed kicks. It is time to rearrange the wardrobe with the clothes that will make us warm.


The main thing about fall weather is that it is not very cold for which you have to pull out all your heavy warm clothes. It is just cool weather when you can use your stylish scarves with light sweaters or trendy hats. The season marks the onset of winter and you can go for vibrant colours. As the colour of nature prepares to hide under the dullness of winter, you can help by adding colours to your outfits.

A pair of jeans will be the best choice for the fall fashion. Make sure that you wear styles that brings out your beat features. Thin ladies will rock skinny jeans accompanied by colourful tops and designer scarves. Sweater is one of the most important fashion components of the season. You can choose from a wide range of sweater patterns, because this season provides you with the luxury of wearing light sweaters which can manage the coolness of fall. You can go for light jackets to add on to the fashion statement. Trendy and fashionable jackets made of various types of fabric are among the hottest wardrobe item for fall.

The main attraction for the fall fashion is about layering your outfits. You can easily go on with your comfortable summer dress during fall. All you have to do is to add a pair of tights to keep your legs comfortable and a black turtle neck underneath to protect the torso. Fall is the season when you can go for various experiments with our fashion thoughts. The season demands no extra attention and you can be comfortable with almost anything. You just have to be prepared with something to put on something extra in case your choice is unable to bear the coolness in the wind.

It is the time when you can try to mix the textures of your outfits. You can pair the tweedy skirts or jackets with the light fabrics accompanied by low boots. Coming to shoes, low boots are the best footwear for fall. You can no longer stick to the flip flops or open sandals as the cool winds will make you uncomfortable. Covered shoe is the best option for this season. Whatever is the choice, make sure that you wear enough clothes and do not shiver. Shivering is definitely out of fashion!

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4 Things You Need to Take a Closer Look at Before Immigrating to Australia

sunset-420730_640Australia is a home to immigrants. In fact, its entire history is built upon immigrants. The country is extremely diverse. This is why a lot of people are considering immigrating to this country. You can also do the same thing. Given everything that Australia has to offer, you will probably not regret your decision to move here. There are 4 things that you need to take a closer look at so that the transition will be smooth.

  1. Source of livelihood

Before thinking about moving to Australia with your entire family, make sure that you have a source of livelihood. It means that you have to find a job in advance. You must also have other jobs on the side or a business idea in mind with some money stashed just to have a plan B if things don’t work the way you want them to be.

  1. Travel details

Imagine bringing your entire family with you on a short trip. It could take forever before you finish planning and packing. You can make it 5 times as hard when you have to immigrate. You need to bring all your stuff with you. There will be goodbye parties to be thrown before leaving. No matter how busy you would be, make sure that you don’t forget to give attention to the travel details. You have to process your visa in advance. Make sure that you understand the requirements. You should also find a way to cut the cost. You are starting a new life so you need a lot of money.

  1. Health insurance

You might have extensive health coverage back in your home country. This is not valid as soon as you travel to Australia. This is true for both regular health care and dental care. This is why you need to process this in advance. Australia has world-class medical and dental facilities to count on. The cost though could be really high. For instance, of you need new teeth now, you have to spend a lot of money. It would be great if you have insurance to cover the cost right away.

  1. Understand Australia

Given the fact that this is a diverse country, it means that you have to deal with lots of different cultures, traditions and even languages. It would be great if you study about Australia in advance. They might also have some practices that you find weird or new. Their way of thinking might also not be the same as yours. Thus, you have to study in advance and make sure you totally understand what it means to be an Australian.

Once you have managed all these things, it is time to move. Be optimistic about this decision. Yes, you are leaving people and places behind, but you are up for a brighter future. You just need to take a look at what is in store for you and you will most definitely feel excited about this new beginning.

The Risk of Getting Caught with Illegal Drugs in Australia

marijuana-998664_640Australia has some of the strictest laws when it comes to the use of illegal drugs, including marijuana. They provide some leeway though for the use of the substance for medical purposes. They allow some people to use the drugs only if they have prescription from the doctor. In other cases though, the manufacture, production and sale of the substance is considered illegal. There are also different penalties for people who have been caught using and peddling drugs.

Australia is in many ways a friendly country. It is a home to several immigrants. Its entire history is built upon immigration. This is why it is a very welcoming place. Should you decide to move there and work, you are making a great decision. You have to understand though that once you move there, you also have to follow the rules and regulations set for their citizens. You are not exempted. Your punishments for violating the law are just the same as the others. You might even be deported and blocked from ever entering the country again.

It is therefore important that you totally understand the laws governing the country. You must stay away from doing things that could get you in trouble. On the other hand, Australia has great facilities when it comes to rehabilitation. Should you decide to go there to treat yourself or the person you love, then you are making the right decision. It is great if you decide to move to another place where you can start over again without the fear of being judged.

Once you have undergone toxin rid though, you need to make sure that you don’t go back to where you used to be. You might have survived the harsh laws of your country in the past and was given the chance to start a new life. However, not everyone is given another chance. If it happens that you break the law in Australia, then it could be over for you. Moving to another country might be a good idea, but where else will you go? Who can accept you after your history of being a drug addict who has been given several chances but still failed?

It is great to move to Australia and start a new life. However, you need to know what your limitations are. You must not waste this chance since it might not come back again. You give the country the love and respect it deserves and it will surely do the same thing to you. Race relations and religious freedom have become hot button topics in Australia these days. however, most people, especially the younger generation, remain optimistic about the future of a diverse and multicultural country. There is always a place for hard working and peace loving people in Australia. You are always welcome in the country if you wish to start a new life or you want to go through rehab and be a better person.

Follow Instagram Users to Get the Best Tips in Traveling to Australia

sydney-363244_640Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. It is also easy to travel anywhere in the country as the official language is English. However, it would still be nice if you can ask people about the best places to visit even before heading there. It will make things a lot easier for you.

One of the best ways to learn travel tips to Australia is by following the accounts on Instagram of those who have been there before. Not only will they give reviews about the place, they will also post photos. This will entice you to visit those places or discourage you if you don’t find those places appealing at all. You may also send a private message to the account owners if you have more questions regarding the place that you are visiting.

Planning your trip

Once you have finally made up your mind on which places in Australia you will visit, you can finalize your itinerary. Then, you can start preparing your travel details. While finalizing your travel details, you can start booking your tickets. There are a lot of flights in and out of the country. There are also a lot of low cost airlines that you can fly with if you are on a budget. Of course, you can also ask those who have been to Australia before for advice regarding the best airline that you can use.

Share your experience

After a successful trip to Australia, it might be time for you to pay it forward. You were given help by those who have been there before. You can do the same to others who are also planning to visit the country. You can also use Instagram service so you can reach out to as many people as possible. It would be a worthy investment considering its effectiveness in increasing the number of people who would possibly follow you and see your posts.

This service will serve as your virtual manager. You have nothing else to do other than to just wait as changes happen. Before you know it, you have already doubled your followers at half the time. You might also reach thousands of likes for each photo that you post. You might even be surprised that your inbox will be flooded with messages regarding your trip to Australia. Of course, you can also do the same thing if you happen to travel to other countries.

Again, these are just some of the things that you can do to prepare for your trip and what you can do upon return. Aside from posting photos though, make sure that you savor the moment. Don’t let the opportunity pass. You might not have the chance to visit Australia again. You need to enjoy each part of the experience. The country has a lot to offer at every turn. You need to keep exploring once you are there and even try to go beyond what is in your itinerary.

Picking the Right Attire for Travel Adventures

You are one of the most fashionable people you know. So, when it comes to planning your vacation and travel goals, there is no doubt in your mind that you will be taking that fashion forward sense with you. But how? Sometimes planning the trip drains you of all your fashionable perception.

Certainly you have already chosen one of the best luggage sets to match your personality and style. But, what will you fill those designer print bags with? How will you know what are the best outfits to include? Which shoes to take? And, what about your hair accessories?

These questions are undoubtedly flying through your mind at an alarming speed. Not to worry. We have the answers.

Picking the Right Attire for Travel Adventures

Steps to Traveling Fashionably

You might not know anyone where you intend to travel, but that won’t keep you from dressing to the nines. You would hate to make a bad first impression, even if it’s the only one. So, here are some helpful steps to take for traveling fashionably:

  • Understand the Plans– When you travel, it is important to have at least a basic itinerary prepared. This will help you pack those outfits that best fit the plans. The wardrobe you pack into those cute matching suitcases should be representative of those things you plan to do while you are on vacation. If you’ll be spending most of your time by the pool, or on the beach, bring several swimsuits and some uber attractive cover-ups. And, don’t forget the flip flops.
  • Be Practical– Obviously you want to include the outfits that will best suit your goals for the time you are away. But, you have to be practical about what you bring as well. Since your clothes will spend a decent amount of time inside those adorable suitcase, you will want to pick outfits that are the least likely to wrinkle. And, if you are going to have to do laundry while you are away, pick things that don’t take too long to dry and don’t require the services of a dry cleaner.
  • Learn How to Pack– You might have picked out super resilient and amazingly on point attire, but if you just cram those pieces into your bag, you will run out of space and wrinkle them all up. Ensure that you are using the right luggage for your outfits, and take the time to learn some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to properly packing for a trip. There are some great videos on the subject. You can view some of them here.

The final step in preparing for your trip is deciding on what additional accessories to bring. Here are our suggestions:

  • Tech– You will probably want to bring your camera, phone, and perhaps even a laptop on this adventure. We would recommend that you also invest in a plug kit, especially when traveling internationally. Learn more about that by clicking this.
  • Toiletries & Such– Insect repellent, sun screen, lotions and cream, these are all things to bring with you. But make sure they adhere to the TSA rules about liquids in containers (read more). And, you might want to bring a first aid kit. Don’t assume everything you need will be available where you’re going.

These steps should help you achieve the height of fashion no matter your destination.

Getting a Part Time Job When Planning to Work Overseas is a Good Idea

keyboard-993427_640You might have gotten an offer to work overseas. This is such a great opportunity that you should not let go of. To begin with, you are probably getting more money. Secondly, you are meeting new people and facing a new environment. It is such a challenging, but amazing environment. The difficult part though is that you don’t necessarily know what to expect. You might have everything planned, but there are a few things that are just beyond your control.

One of the biggest challenges that you might face has something to do with your finances. You grab this job for the pay raise. At the same time though, you might also be in a country where the cost of living is higher. You don’t own a house so you have to pay for monthly rental bills. You might even have the chance of losing your job for whatever reasons there are.

The best way to prevent this problem from happening is by getting a part time job. This will give you the opportunity to still make money aside from the main source of livelihood that you have. In the event that you lose your job, you still have enough savings and you still have another job where you can get money from up until you are back on your feet on a regular day job.

Get paid answering surveys

One of the best ways for you to get more money is to answer surveys online. There are companies that are willing to pay people who can answer their survey questionnaire. They will use the results to analyze the ways for them to improve their products. They will only employ those who are serious in doing the job. There are questionnaires to be given out and they need the response after a few minutes or hours. The collected responses from different people will then be evaluated, tallied and analyzed. You will be paid once your survey answer has been accepted.

The only thing you need to remember though is that this is not a job that pays well. You will only be paid a few cents for every survey form that you finish. As soon as you finish a lot though, you can earn more money. If not, you can at least earn some points that can be converted into cash or gifts.

This is important because you need money apart from the ones that you are earning from your day job. You need it for personal needs and wants. You also need it to be placed on rainy day funds. Nothing is certain when you are in a foreign land. It is always great to be financially secure. You can read about paid survey reviews online so you can determine if this is the type of job that you can do. Besides, you won’t be required to work at all times. You can work during your free time. You also have a flexible time.

What to Wear While Hunting

Hunting garments can be put into two classes; what we wear before the opening meet, known as “ratcatcher” and what we wear from that date onwards. However, these days most people just wear ratcatchers throughout the entire season. Check out these tips:

What to Wear While Hunting

  • Full hunting kit ought to be worn at the opening meet, on Boxing Day and on New Year’s Day.
  • In the event that you can’t get hold of the right dress, don’t stress an excessive amount of however attempt and be as keen as you can while keeping warm. Show coats are more terrible than futile at keeping the cool and rain out and look strange in the hunting field. On the off chance that you can’t wear full hunting garments then go for ratcatcher.
  • Blue tops have for quite some time been adequate for women and look extremely brilliant
  • The right headwear for most mounted adherents is a (hard) bowler cap however now a great many people wear safety tops or protective caps. Silks ought to be in a dim shading, for example, dark or naval force. Customary dark hunting tops ought to just be worn by experts, field aces, hunt staff and ranchers however this standard is seldom held fast to nowadays; naval force blue tops have been adequate for women for a very long time and they look exceptionally brilliant. Riding caps with reflective strips on the front ought to be kept for show jumping. Turbans ought to be attached firmly to abstain from catching on branches.
  • A proper rifle as well as the best ar scope ought to be part of your full attire. These are must-haves, whether or not you follow the other attire tips – these must be followed.
  • While choosing an ar scope for yourself, it is very important that you must know how to read the specs of a scope. It must be known that the specs are given in a standardized form, where magnification is the first one; whereas, objective lens diameter is listed second. The two pieces of information are separated by an ‘x’.
  • The optical power, size and reticles are extremely important factors while choosing a rifle scope. The optical power determines the size of magnification that you will need. The size of the objective lens comes next. The reticle comes in different pattern options, including duplex reticle, mildot reticle and BDC reticle.
  • Boots ought to be dark, spotless and cleaned. Goads are right however not necessary, as are dark tie straps underneath the knee. Chestnut boots can be worn as a feature of ratcatcher.
  • A hunting whip ought to be carried with you. They are to a great degree helpful for opening doors and holding them open; and in addition dangling before your steed to guide dogs around them.
  • All buttons of your coat should be buttoned up. The bottom buttons of petticoats ought to be fixed.
  • Women ought to wear hairnets or plait their hair into a braid. Men of honor are relied upon to have hair sufficiently short not to need to.
  • The main adornment that ought to be worn on a hunt coat is a poppy before Remembrance Sunday or a dark arm band when in grieving. Top identifications ought to be continued fabric tops. The exemption to this is Pony Club identifications on kids’ hacking coats.

Steeds and horses ought to be plaited (or hoarded). Plaits ought to be individual and moved up, not running plaits. Owners of local show horses may favor not to plait. Ponies and horses ought to be frequently clipped; in spite of the fact that it is prescribed to leave hair on the legs for their protection. (This is in reference to Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve)

Pick the Most Comfortable Clothing Fabric for Your Flight

Flying is not the most comfortable experience.  The seats seem to be getting smaller every day, and the recycled air makes many people feel under the weather.  Not being able to control the temperature can also be difficult for those who may be particularly temperature sensitive.  After searching for a great deal on tickets (you can check it out here), then take the time to pick clothing that will help keep you as comfortable as possible while you are on your way.

Pick the Most Comfortable Clothing Fabric for Your Flight

Natural Fabrics Breathe

When choosing fabric materials for your clothing, natural fabrics are often the best option.  Fabrics made out of materials, like hemp or cotton, allow air to circulate through the fabric, which can help keep you more comfortable overall by allowing any moisture is dissipate.  Alternatively, moisture-wicking fabrics can also work, if you prefer to use something synthetic.

Layers are Your Best Friend

Since temperature control is not in your hands directly, dressing in layers will provide you with the options you need to remain comfortable.  Some easy layers to add include sweatshirts over t-shirts, bringing along a cardigan, adding a scarf, and bringing extra socks.  You may even want to bring a pair of slippers if you prefer to not keep your shoes on the entire time, as it prevents your socks from coming in direct contact with the floor.

Compression Wear

Travelers with certain medical conditions or health-based needs may need to wear certain support or compression garments.  Compression socks and stockings can promote better circulation, lower the likelihood of swelling in the legs, and may even prevent a deep vein thrombosis.  Compression wear can be found at a variety of stores, including most major drug stores and retail supercenters.

Comfortable Shoes that are Easy to Remove

Airport floors are not particularly comfortable to walk on, and being on a plane can be surprisingly taxing on your feet.  Making sure your shoes are comfortable can make the day less physically demanding overall, especially once you are finally at your destination.

Additionally, most airports within the United States still have you remove your shoes when crossing through security.  By making sure your shoes are easy to remove, you can make it through security much more quickly and avoid having to take a large amount of time to get your shoes back on once you are through.  Slip-on shoes may be ideal, especially if you are traveling with children, though basic sneakers can also work well.

While you may be inclined to wear sandals or flip-flops, do make sure to bring socks to help keep your feet warm while on the plane.  Additionally, as mentioned before, bringing a pair of slippers for the plan is also an option that can help you stay comfortable while in flight.

Items with Pockets

Being able to keep key items easily accessible can keep things moving along more quickly.  Being able to keep your identification and tickets on your person, instead of having to dig them out of a bag, can be especially helpful.  This can also help you bring a few extra items along with you that may not fit in a traditional carry-on, allowing you to keep more items on hand during the flight.

5 Environmentally Friendly Fashion Brands

It is great to see that there are so many companies that are doing their share for the environment by adopting eco-friendly methods. I was amazed to see that there are actually a few fashion brands that carry the environmentally friendly stamp. How do they do it? I read more about it and found that there are some lovely garments for sale that are made from recycled material. This seems like a great way to help our suffering environment. The biggest problem is that we have used way too much of everything for decades and the idea to help and make an impact is by being minimalistic and using less of the precious resources that we are so lucky to have.  Here is a list of 5 eco-friendly brands that will leave you in awe with the beautiful work that they do. Also click here for more tips on saving the environment.

5 Environmentally Friendly Fashion Brands

Study NY

A young and upcoming Brooklyn-based designer that makes their garments from organic cotton, linen and hand-dyed fabrics and to top it off they strive for non wasteful methods of pattern making and clothing production. They also support underprivileged children with fundraising activities. Take a look at some of their designs here.

Alabama Chanin

Each item that this company produces is made by hand. They also make use of organic materials and have implemented a method called slow-fashion instead of rushing through designs every item is comfortable and safely made by hand which increases sustainability.

Titania Inglis

Each item is sown in a small factory in New York and all materials are sustainable which includes Japanese organic cotton. They also use French vegetable tanned leather and dead stock wool. All the innovative designs allow the buyer to wear the clothing in a multitude of ways which means less frequent purchasing.

Feral Childe

They use sustainable fibers, manufacture everything locally and dispose of their production waste responsibly by donating it to schools and textile factories. They produce to order to prevent any wastage or an overloaded inventory.

Awamaki Lab

This company takes it to the extreme which is fantastic. They provide work for suffering women in Peru and they also insist on hand sewn garments which mean no electricity. The company also believes in using sustainable materials that aren’t harmful to the environment.

It is obvious that it is all the rage to do your part for the precious environment. What can you do to make a change?

  • Use public transport, your car is a killer to the environment plus you can meet new people.
  • Recycle, the benefits to recycling are endless and a great way to do your part for the environment.
  • Use energy saving devices and lights, this one obviously makes a difference, you are saving energy.

Start making your own compost, take a look at the affordable tumbler composter by Yimby which will allow you to make your own compost and do a great bit for the environment by thinking green.

Dressing for success

It is a genuine truth that the better you dress the better you perform. I remember one of the many companies I worked at asked us to dress smart at least once a week. It meant that we had to wear business and corporate clothing while going to work. They believed that even though we did our business on the phone and rarely saw clients we portrayed a professional image by wearing professional clothing. I did feel more knowledgeable and professional on those days armed with my business suit and heels. The thing is with most companies today it is okay to wear casual clothing and to go to work looking like you are attending a barbecue at your neighbor’s house. The days where men and women used to dress up are a thing of the past. Read more about you are what you wear.

Dressing for success

If we look at various styles over the years we will notice that in the old days, people used to attend their office jobs with decent and professional attire most of the time. The insurance brokers of years ago sported ties and suits to look more trustworthy and professional.  The women whether working or filling the position of home executives was always dressed pristinely and elegance was key. Click here to view fashion in the fifties. What exactly happened that made us believe it is okay to wear tracksuit pants and slops to work? It is obviously very important to realize that if you work in a professional industry where you deal directly with clients you would need to dress up rather than down. For example any financial industry like the bank would require their staff to wear a uniform.

It is rather easy for people to say that they don’t get a uniform from their employer and for that reason they refuse to wear corporate clothing. I personally love the idea of chic clothing and feeling presentable when I go to work. There are instances where I have noticed corporate attire would make no sense at all for example the IT department at our firm. Those guys work with computers the whole day and they only come out of their lair if there is something that needs fixing around the office. I recently looked at  because I was in the market for a van. I found the most luxurious sprinter van that offered all the amenities I was looking for. This van was 1000 miles ahead of my old banged up sedan and it suddenly motivated me to dress according to my image. I felt that I was successful at work, I had bought a new van and I needed to look the part.

Of course there are instances where guys have to wear construction gear and safety clothing but if your career is in an office try to dress up a bit and feel the difference in your approach to your clients. You will feel better about yourself and you will find that you handle situations better geared up in your successful and smart attire.

Live Stream Your Next Fashion Event

Whether it is a fashion show, a new product release, or the opening of a new flagship store, you can increase the reach of your event by live streaming it online.  Not only can this help you attract new followers or customers, it can also help your current customers feel connected to your brand even if they cannot personally attend.

If you are considering live streaming your next event, here are some tips to help get you on your way to internet glory.

Live Stream Your Next Fashion Event

Make Sure You Can Connect

Before making any serious streaming plans, it is important that you will have access to a broadband signal that will support the stream.  For example, if your venue has available Wi-Fi, you may want to test the connection speed to make sure the feed can be uploaded smoothly.  At times, using a hard line may help in cases where Wi-Fi is spotty, but a solid connection is available through an appropriate jack.

At times, you may have to examine using a data service from a wireless or cellular provider.  In these cases, it is important to understand any data limits that may be in place, as streaming video can use a significant amount of bandwidth.  You may need to upgrade your plan if you need to avoid overages, or buy into more high speed data if there is a chance your stream could push you over the threshold set by the company, as this may result in throttling that could negatively impact the quality of the feed.

Pick a Streaming Service

There are a number of streaming services and options available in the marketplace today.  While some basic offerings are fairly easy to setup, and might not cost anything to use, others support more advanced features and functions, sometimes at a cost.

If you are going to use a streaming service, you will need to identify your budget.  This will help you determine which options to continue considering and which ones to eliminate based on their price of entry.  One of the most popular offerings today is Ustream.  Their service provides a variety of recording and sharing options, and includes the ability to stream in HD.

Pick Your Camera

Many services have options for streaming from anything ranging from a professional camera to a simple smartphone.  As you are investigating services, consider how you would like to capture the content that is going to be streamed.  In some cases, a simple smartphone app can provide the capabilities you need.  If you are interested in some less common techniques, consider using a drone with a video camera, such as those available at  This can give you the option to capture unique aerial shots that may otherwise be missed.

Other options can include a webcam, either built into a laptop or as an external peripheral, as well as certain digital cameras with the appropriate capabilities.

Get the Whole Package

If you do not have access to an appropriate camera for streaming your event, consider a service that can not only stream your event, but can provide the necessary equipment for a completely streamlined experience.  Some businesses may even have photographer or videographer services available, allowing you to have a professional behind the camera for an additional fee.